Traveling Tech: 6 Things You Really Need To Think About

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If you’re someone who writes on the road, you’ll need access to all of the technology that you use in your home office — keeping your creative juices flowing means having constant access to the tools of your trade, especially when inspiration hits you. 

Picking the right technology to take on your travels can be a bit of a headache. You’ll want something that you can access all of your favorite apps on, with the right amount of processing power to do the job you need it too. 

Buy Light

One of the most significant issues that you have when it comes to deciding what you can take with you when you travel is weight. 

If you’re flying, you’ll no doubt be restricted by the amount of weight you can carry in your luggage. So when it comes to deciding on which laptop to buy, getting the best specifications for the fewest grams is the aim of the game.

Get An Economically Sized Laptop

You want the biggest laptop, but in the smallest casing. If you can get a big screen, this will be much easier to work on. However, you don’t want anything too cumbersome, that takes up lots of valuable bag space. 

Think About Durability

When you’re traveling, your possessions often get knocked around quite a bit. There would be nothing worse than your laptop breaking. Think about getting the most robust model you can find or find a protective casing that is durable and light at the same time.

If you can, get a laptop with an SSD rather than a traditional hard disk. 

Battery Life

When you’re on the road, it may not always be convenient to charge your devices up. Get the products with the longest battery life. But also, see whether there are spare batteries available, or any additional portable charging units. 

Use Cloud-Based Solutions

One of the significant dangers that you will face when it comes to writing on the road is that your laptop will get lost or stolen. It is a disaster for that to happen to anyone, but when your livelihood is dependent upon it, then it is even more of a problem. What would be even more of a travesty is if your files were all on there, and you could never get them back. 

Be sure and use cloud-based apps such as Google Docs to write with. Everything is saved online, which not only saves you valuable hard-disk space, it means you can access your files from any device, and from anywhere in the world. 

Look into how to enable offline editing in Google Docs. That way, if you’re somewhere with limited wifi access, you can still get on and get on with your writing too. 

Insure Your Technology

Be sure and buy a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers all of your gadgets. Make sure and keep a print out of the insurer’s details, in case of loss or damage to your laptop while you are away. Make sure you read all of the fine print and understand your excess and what is covered. 

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