Top Five Best Lakes in Berlin and Brandenburg

Berlin has far more to offer than monumental buildings, great museums and a dazzling night-life – especially during summer one of the greatest activities for Berliners is to enjoy one of the many lakes in and around the city. Berlin and its greater area comprises of around 80 lakes, even more when you count in the numerous lakes around the state of Brandenburg. The lakes have a different scenery and vibe than the lakes in Bavaria, such as the beautiful Walchensee, but nevertheless are definitely worth a visit. You can enjoy a variety of different areas to explore which we have also put in our list of best day trips from Berlin post. But here are our top five best lakes in and around Berlin:


All-time favorite and truly one of the best lakes around Berlin! It has recently become more and more popular for day trips from the city. It is shaped like a doughnut as a small island lies in the middle of it. Liepnitzsee itself is settled amidst a thick forest, with smaller paths leading all the way around, allowing one to find a nice and secluded spot somewhere along the shore. There are also a few wooden jettys located along the way, but these are mostly private. The water is crystal clear and among the cleanest in all of Brandenburg, allowing you to have a good swim. Every now and then a small ferry crosses the lake, stopping-over on the island.

You can enjoy the lake at the public beach (Strandbad Liepnitzsee) which has some nice areas to relax. You pay a small entrance fee of around EUR 4 (June 2019) but have access to some food stalls and a small beach. Alternatively, you can just explore the many small entrances to the lake which are not treated but very nice as well.

How to get there:

S-Bahn: to Wandlitz or Bernau, then with the bus to Waldsiedlung Bernau, from there it is a 15-minute walk to Liepnitzsee.

Car: reachable via the A 11, then exit Wandlitz. Enter Am Liepnitzsee 8 ,16348 Wandlitz into your navigation.


Very beautiful lake located roughly 60 kilometers north from Berlin and definitely worth a trip. The Werbellinsee lake is located within the forest and biosphere reserve park of the Schorfheide, parts of it belonging to one of the UNESCO world heritage sites. It is around 13 kilometers long and offers some great hiking and biking paths around it. It offers many different swimming spots as well as many types of water sports such as sailing, windsurfing and water-skiing. The lake is great for swimming, the water quality is just great.

How to get there:

Car: the easiest and I think only way of getting there. Follow the A 11 then exit Finowfurt. Enter OT Altenhof,16244 Schorfheide into your navigation. There is also a nice camping ground called JaTour Camping am Spring which offers a nice beach, eating facilities and a large green area to relax.

If you decide to go here via the public transport system you can take a train to the town of Eberswalde (approx. 1 hour from Berlin) and then take a bus to the lake.

werbellinsee water


A more conveniently located lake not far from Berlin city, just a bit south-west at the edge of the Grunewald forest. It is nice for a quick dip on a hot summer day. There is a long path leading around the lake with some smaller areas to lie down in the grass. There is also a restaurant and cafe located on the far east side of the Schlachtensee – very nice for enjoying a cold drink and having a great view on the lake.

How to get there:

S-Bahn/U-Bahn: S-Bahnhof S1 Schlachtensee / U-Bahn U3 Krumme Lanke or Mexikoplatz

Car: Take B2/B5 and A115/E51 to Hüttenweg. Take exit 2-Hüttenweg from A115/E51. Enter Am Schlachtensee, 14129 Berlin into your navigation

schlachtensee berlin

Tegeler See

As the name says its located in the district of Tegel and is Berlin’s second largest lake after the Müggelsee. The Tegeler See is an idyllic place for steamboat rides, sailing and bathing along the west bank of the lake. It has a a few public beach front areas but due to several natural preservation areas, not that many areas where you can actually enter the water. The water is very clear and its nice to lie down on the sandy beaches and enjoy some ice cream.

How to get there:

S-Bahn: S25 towards Tegel or with the U-Bahn U6 to Alt-Tegel, then with Bus or walk towards the lake.

Car: A111 towards Tegel airport, enter Schwarzer Weg 21, 13505 Berlin–Reinickendorf into your navigation.

Alternative to Tegeler See: Another much smaller lake around this area and also reachable by bike is the Strandbad Jungfernheide. It is a tiny lake within the area of Charlottenburg which has a big beach area, food stores and all other amenities. Its a bit more pricey to get in (around EUR 6) but can also be a nice place to enjoy the waters during a hot summer day!

tegeler see berlin

Ruppiner See

The Ruppiner See is located around the area of Neuruppin in Brandenburg, roughly 90 kilometers north-west away from Berlin. Even though its a bit further out, the beauty of it compensates for the long traveling. Ruppiner See is one of the longest lakes in Brandenburg and borders the scenic natural reserve area of the Ruppiner Schweiz, an elongated hilly forest region. The lake not only offers great swimming areas but also many different cultural offerings in the city of Neuruppin and other bordering towns. Also, there is a nice wellness and spa hotel overlooking the lake called Resort Mark Brandenburg – a very beautifully located spa area, highly recommendable!

How to get there:

Train: RE6 to Neuruppin, then with bus or walking

Car: reachable via the A 24, exit Neuruppin Süd, enter Resort Mark Brandenburg, An der Seepromenade 20, 16816 Neuruppin into your navigation.

These are all my personal best lakes in Berlin recommendations when you want to enjoy a nice day of chilling and swimming. There are obviously numerous other lakes in and around Berlin and especially Brandenburg that I have not mentioned here. After having visited quite a few I can yet strongly suggest not to go to the more populated and crowded lakes of Müggelsee or Wannsee. These are the more famous lakes in the area and are usually overloaded with crowds of families and younger people. You can definitely have a look and they are not that bad – yet if you feel like relaxing a bit and getting away from the city hustle and bustle I recommend to visit the above mentioned lakes instead.

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