the smith house langkawi

The Smith House Langkawi, Malaysia

When chosing where to stay on the island of Langkawi it truly isn’t the easiest option. You can either decide to stay in one of the many luxury retreats located at the northen or southern tip of Langkawi or chose to stay somewhere at either the main beach area of Pantai Cenang or the port town of Kuah. Wherever you are planing to search, many of the accommodation options are either to expensive, too far away from the attractions or simply do not live up to a decent standard, especially when you compare them to other options you usually find throughout Malaysia.

When we faced this decision we opted to stay at a hotel that was not far from the island’s attractions and which very much lived up to a great standard – The Smith House Langkawi. Its actually located very close to the airport, so arriving and departing to and from Langkawi by air is very convenient with this accommodation. Also, the hotel offers some great amenities such as rooftop pool which makes your stay here a lot nicer.

Quick Details


The Smith House Langkawi is located very close to Langkawi International Airport (5-minute ride). The hotel is part of a small mall- and restaurant complex so there are a few fast-food chains and restaurants as well as a convenience store located within the building. A short walk away you can also find some local restaurants and its also well located if you are planning to explore the island’s northern side (Cable Car, Sky Bridge & the beaches and bays up north).

Rooms & Amenities

The hotel offers various different rooms ranging from smaller single rooms to large suites. We opted to stay at the Artist King room which is a spacious 250 sqft room with a large bed, WiFi, IPTV, hair dryer, ironing board and all other great amenities. The room was very clean and comfy and also the bathroom was spacious and nicely arranged. 

One of the best parts of the hotel is its rooftop pool area. From here you can enjoy some nice views across the town and the surrounding mountains. It’s quite spacious and has enough areas to sit and relax after a long day out exploring the island. We also enjoyed the complimentary breakfast which consisted of a buffet with local and western dishes as well as a on-demand egg-cooking section. We loved the diversity and offerings here.

the smith house langkawi
breakfast at the smith house langkawi

Bottom Line

Overall, we had a nice stay at The Smith House Langkawi. Even though the hotel was not directly located at one of the beaches we really enjoyed the rooftop pool and the comfort of their rooms. It was a short ride away to Cenang beach and we were conveniently located close to the airport. The breakfast was delicious which was important to us before going out and exploring the island. Within the hotel was also a small library area where we could work – something important to us and not always easy to find in many hotels. There were not as many restaurants within the vicinity and the surrounding area is not that ‘exciting’. Yet, we did find some local foods around (Tom Yam Soup!) and it was also just a short, 10-minute ride away from the main area at Pantai Cenang. 

If you are looking for a high-standard hotel with great amenities and can spare to be away from the beach (but close to the airport) then we can highly recommend The Smith House Langkawi.

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