The 5 Top Food Capitals Of America


Are you a food lover? The United States has many magnificent destinations for those that like nothing more than to sample the local cuisine and this is also a superb way to see the country. Food and travel are tightly connected as a destination’s heart and soul can be seen through the food that is made and consumed by the locals. It will give you a clear identity into the personality of a destination and, in many cases, it will also teach you about the history and traditions of the area. Here are a few of the top food capitals of America which any food lover will delight in sampling the local specialties:

1. New Orleans

The Big Easy is somewhere that oozes culture, and this extends to its culinary scene too. Here you will find a unique blend of southern, European, Cajun and Creole cooking with jambalaya, shrimps, and gumbo being just a few of the specialties. In addition to the tantalizing combination of styles and flavors, there is also a sense of tradition and pride with New Orleans cuisine which makes it a vital part of the cultural identity here.

2. San Francisco

As one of the more creative and progressive cities in the country, it is no surprise that San Francisco is a pioneer when it comes to food. This is also helped by the fantastic local produce found in the area along with the mix of cool hole-in-the-wall eateries and a wide range of Michelin-starred restaurants (more than New York!).

3. New York

New York will always be one on the major food capitals in the USA as The Big Apple has so many high-quality options no matter what type of cuisine that you are searching for (and at whatever hour). This is also somewhere that many of the world’s most celebrated chefs flock to as there is nothing more glamorous than cooking in this iconic destination.

4. Los Angeles

Similarly, L.A’s melting pot of cultures ensures that there is great variety found throughout the city along with some highly exciting fusion cuisines which you will not find anywhere else. There are, of course, expensive restaurants that are favored by the rich and famous from Tinseltown, but there are also many more affordable options and the rapidly growing in popularity food trucks that can be found throughout the city.

5. Nashville

The Nashville food scene in Tennessee is unlike anywhere else in the world and the best place to head if you like Southern cooking with a twist. This is because it incorporates flavors from all around the world, including Indian, Mexican, Kurdish, Asian and Mediterranean. Nashville is also home to many fantastic restaurants and eateries, and it is easy to find suitable accommodation at places like

Food lovers will adore visiting any of these brilliant US cities. Food and culture go hand in hand, so you are sure to get a sense of any city’s cultural identity by sampling the local cuisine and seeing how the locals eat. These cities have fantastic culinary scenes that vary greatly from one another and reflect their individual diversity, traditions, and histories for fascinating, eye-opening and delicious culinary scenes.

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