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Thai Park Berlin

Berlin has an indefinite amount of restaurants and food markets but the Thai Food Market in Wilmersdorf, Berlin is a truly unique experience within the culinary scene of the city. It offers its visitors a truly fascinating journey through the various facets of Thai cuisine.

The Thai food market takes places every Sunday in the Preußenpark, a small green area just around the metro station Fehrbelliner Platz in Wilmersdorf, Berlin. It is actually not really a market in its traditional sense but more like a gathering of many Thais, predominantly women, selling their home-cooked delicacies. The selection of food is quite amazing, ranging from small snacks to soups and salads to desserts and drinks or cocktails.

You can easily discover the many umbrellas under which the food is being prepared and sold.

The variety of foods is great and you can really wander around the different areas and just try out every sort of dish that is being offered. Highly recommendable are the noodle soups, the filled dumplings, the different kind of curry dishes and the fried noodles and rice. On a hot summer day the best thing to drink is the home-made lemonade with ice!The different kinds of desserts were great to discover, especially one named Kaho Lam – which are bamboo tubes filled with sweet, sticky rice.

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The Thai Park Berlin in the Preußenpark is a very unique experience. Since the offerings of Thai food in the city are relatively low (mostly because of the predominant presence of Vietnamese cuisine) this parks is a must-go for every fan of Thai food. The food is very fresh and genuine and is a nice alternative to the classic food markets offered around town.

Make sure to bring a blanket to sit on and take some time to relax and enjoy the many dishes that are offered.

Address: Preußenpark, Brandenburgische Strasse, 10707 Berlin Wilmersdorf (Subway Fehrbelliner Platz)

Average Price: Dishes from €5 – €15, depending on what you want

Opening hours: Every Friday to Sunday from April to Octover, usually starting around 10 am and ending around 8 pm, depending on the weather.

July 2023 update! The local authorities are considering to relocate the Thai Park to another area as there are growing concerns about the park. The plan is to use the park only as a green area and move the street food to a street (as the names suggests) and not keep in in the Preußenpark. As of now, the plans have been put aside as there is a growing opposition to this. We will keep you updated here. So make sure to enjoy it before it might not be there anymore as we know it now.


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