Where to stay in Mondulkiri, Cambodia

Nature Lodge

Beautifully located in the forests of Mondulkiri, just a short 10 minute ride into the woods from the town of Senmonorom, Mondulkiri Province in Eastern Cambodia. If you are looking for a relaxing and natural setting this is definitely a great place to stay. The Nature Lodge is a true nature experience as the resort consists of several smaller lodges spread across a large field and partly into the forest. Each lodge offers a large bed, a small balcony with hammock and a bathroom. There is a choice of different budget accommodations for different amounts of guests. There also is an on-site restaurant offering various meals and drinks throughout the day.


  • beautiful location
  • quiet and relaxing atmosphere
  • nicely decorated lodges with a balcony and hammock to relax
  • good food and drinks at the restaurant
  • cheap and comfortable


  • inattentive and unresponsive staff
  • located a bit outside of town, need a car/motorcycle to bring you around


  • 5-10 USD / Person per night, depending on season and room-type.

Bottom line

We really enjoyed our stay here. The Nature Lodge Mondulkiri is nicely located in the forests and you can truly relax and enjoy the views. It is a nice place to start exploring the highlands and forests of Mondulkiri. You can chose between economy and standard rooms but all offer a nice veranda and a big bed. The lodges are made out of wood and have cracks where the wind can come in, also the bathroom. If you enjoy being in the nature and dont mind this it is a great place to stay! Staff is not very responsive and you will need to tell them everything at least 3 times before anything happens. Other than that people are very nice and provide a nice atmosphere.



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