Skyroam Solis – Your Perfect WiFi Travel Companion

What is the Skyroam Solis?

The Skyroam Solis is a portable Wifi hot spot and power bank. The Solis device is latest version of Skyroam’s gadgets and is the successor model of the original Skyroam device. What it offers is: Fast WiFi around the globe (connectivity in 120+ countries) at a price of $8 for 24 hours of usage.

We have already used the older model in many of our previous trips are were very happy with its service. Although not always the cheapest option it definitely is a very convenient way to get internet access when you are on the road. With the additional benefits of faster internet and an integrated powerbank we were very excited to start using the new Solis device.

How does it Work?

One you receive the device you will need to power it up first. This usually takes around 3-5 minutes. Once you see the SSID network appear on your phone (or any other device) you can access and either register new or log on to your existing Skyroam device. Once logged in you can see all the information of your device (battery left, account info, network connection etc.). You can now by a day pass and start the service by either pushing the button on your device or in your account. That’s it! You are now ready to go online.

How much does it Cost?

The actual Skyroam Solis device costs €149 or $149.99 (including 19% VAT). You can then purchase your day passes (24 hours) for internet for €8 or $9. You can also buy a package of 5 day passes for €40 or $40.

Personal Thoughts About the Skyroam Solis

As mentioned before we already used the original Skyroam portable hot spot and were very satisfied with it. We used it for our trips around Europe, Southeast Asia , India and Russia and it was a reliable WiFi companion all along the way. With the Skyroam Solis coming as a 2-in-1 device including an integrated power bank it definitely upgrades our experience.

Is it worth it? It really depends on your needs. Obviously its not meant to be a permanent source of internet and a local SIM card could be seen as a good and cheaper option in the long term. Yet, the Solis is a great way of staying online and having a stable, fast and secure connection while traveling. It has proven to be a great companion during our trips and we were very happy to know that you always have a great backup for internet wherever, whenever you want 🙂

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An if you are not sure whether purchasing a Skyroam device is the right thing for you, you should definitely read this interesting article about 10 ways to legally get free internet both at home and during your travels. A great and useful resource to know about the opportunities ans risks of using free WiFi.

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