Singapore – Fall in Love With The Lion City

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Singapore that amazing, food-centric, hub of heat and culture. If you’ve only ever made Singapore a stop-off on your way through, then rethink your strategy and make this southeast Asian city state a must-have on your world itinerary tour.
In this blog we take a look at some of the most distinctive neighborhoods in the city and whether you’re on holiday or thinking of moving over and want to check out renting in Singapore prices, you’ll get a flavor of what the Lion City has to offer.

The East Coast

This haven of tranquility and calmness will restore your soul after a day spent in the ode to shopping that is Orchard Road. Head down to the beach to lie under palm trees on white sands or take a cycle along the carefully kept cycle paths.

If you’re feeling hungry head along to the food court and let the kids run around in the large park that sits on the beach, while you enjoy a cold drink in the adjoining cafe.

Heading into the urban areas you’ll find a comforting mix of European food and bars, alongside traditional Singaporean and Asian food outlets. While there are certainly the ubiquitous malls they’re not as imposing in size as the aforementioned Orchard Road behemoths.


Not just the name of the airport, this fascinating area of the island shares many of its characteristics with the East Coast but is a great deal more quiet. What it does have is an impressive food court (known locally as hawker centres). From Changi you can head to the beach, watch the aeroplanes fly impressively low overhead and take a bum boat to one of the nearby islands.

A great, relaxed vibe that comes alive at night in and around the hawker center. Grab a seat, be prepared to share with some locals and tuck into freshly caught fish, freshly squeezed lime juice and just some of the best food on the island.

Holland Village

One of the most popular areas on the island when it comes to expats settling down and renting apartments. This area is where to go for a slice of Europe. With an impressive variety of bars and restaurants it’s perfect for Sunday brunch or a Saturday night spent drinking and dining. What it lacks in charm, it more than makes up for in choice for places to eat and drink.


This area is a tourist haven and for good reason. You’ll be tempted by the waft of amazing food drifting out from the many restaurants that line the streets and you’ll be squeezed along the narrow shopping district, popping into shops along your way.

Somewhat surprisingly, in amongst the hustle and bustle of traditional Chinese gifts and food, you’ll also find a store entirely devoted to the Belgian boy hero Tin-Tin.
If all that wasn’t enough to tempt you, you’ll also be able to dine in the world’s first Michelin starred street food outlets, where the traditional offering of chicken and rice still sells for just a few dollars.

singapore china town

Serangoon Gardens

This little enclave is rarely visited by tourists as it involves a bus ride from the nearest train station at Serangoon, but if you’re looking for famous Singaporean food then the hawker centre called Chomp Chomp is the place to go. Get there early, it gets very busy and you’ll find the best seafood, satay and Laksa.

This area is also home to the island’s French expat community so you’ll also find boulangeries, French cafes and cheese shops on offer as well as a small mall.

This selection of areas is really only a handful of what the island has to offer. Head down to Marina Bay for the impressive Super Trees, huge man made giants that help to purify the air and who sing a nightly song complete with light show.

Stay and visit the beautiful flower domes that feature collections from across the world and wander down to Satay by the Bay for skewers of mutton or chicken and a cold Tiger beer.

Singapore simply has everything for a holiday of a lifetime. It is hot and humid and you will undoubtedly experience the odd monsoon downpour depending on what time of year you go but that’s just all part of the experience on this fascinating island.

You’ll love the food, the culture, the people and you’ll be glad that you decided to stay that little bit longer than just a stop over. The Lion City is ready to welcome you to a great holiday.

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