Meet Sila Ley Lalun

Let me introduce you to a fantastic woman, someone from whom we have learned a bit about the Thai culture and definitely an honor to have met and interviewed her. Here a bit of Sila Ley who we consider to be the first celebrity of our trip.

Name: Sila Ley Lalun

Living in: Koh Lanta

Profession: enjoy life while working

Favorite dish: Papaya Salad

Where to find her: Koh Lanta – Klong Khong Beach

“I opened my business 3 seasons ago, I moved to Koh Lanta 19 years ago and I like it. It is a quiet place, I always meet nice people and customers”.

Why have I decided to open my business? You know, when you grow up and you have the need to do something for your future you do not want to work for anyone else, you want to have something for yourself and I am single so I can have some money behind me when I get old.

Since the first year I have opened my restaurant, I have had a lot of customers. I let them sit here and enjoy the beach and they always end up eating here as well. Sometimes, I even give them some discounts when they ask for it. I give them food, because I know that in the future all this good always comes back to you!

I say “I have food for you”. Some of my clients are travelers who save a lot of money and travel through Asia for years and I always give them a good price because I know It is very hard to find money.

Besides my business, I am also taking massage classes; we learn everything because you never know what is going to happen in the future. I know how to make cocktails, how to cook and do massages – I am prepared for everything. 

We come from a very poor family, no food – we did not have much but we are a big family and we all help each other, that is what matters“.

So if you want to eat the best Papaya Salad in town, do not hesitate to visit her restaurant and enjoy this and other delicious dishes they have, like red curry or chicken with cashew nuts. We tried and it was absolutely delicious! I also highly recommend the barbecue in the evenings! It really tastes great, especially the chicken skewers.

I hope you like this interview and if you are in Koh Lanta do not miss the chance to meet Sila Ley and her cozy restaurant!

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