Review: Internet for Rent – Pocket WiFi from Mywebspot

What is My Webspot Pocket WiFi?

The MyWebspot Rent Pocket WiFi is a rent-per-trip WiFi device that lets you enjoy unlimited internet allover the world. It provides high-speed & 4G internet for your travels in 100+ countries across the globe. It is shareable (up to 5 devices) and is free of any data roaming costs.

How does it Work?

The concept is rather simple: You chose your destination, your travel time and payment method and you will receive the device within a few days. After you finish your trip you can return the device with an envelope that is provided. As for the battery life it turns out to be quite good with an average use of around 8 hours. The connection is great as well – you will be able to receive a good 4G-LTE connection most of the time, depending on your location. There is a reduction of speed once you reach a certain data limit. You can find the exact limits on the website.

How much does it Cost?

The cost for using the MyWebspot depends on your travel destination and duration. 

Example prices: For an 8-day trip across Germany you will have to pay around € 70. Depends on where you want to have it sent to you will have to pay between 4.90 € to 14.90 € for your delivery.

For a worldwide trip for 14 days you will have to pay around € 139 + delivery.

Personal Thoughts About MyWebspot

The MyWebspot pocket WiFi device provides you with a solid and stable WiFi connection for your travels. Speeds have been quite fast (we tested it in Germany) and battery life was better than expected (even though you cannot actually see your battery status on the device, making it impossible to know how much you have left). It was easy to carry around and we are also able to share it with 3 people, each having a decent connection.

Compared to some other global pocket WiFi devices the MyWebspot is only for rent and cannot be acquired without returning it. It is therefore ideal for travelers which just want to use it for shorter trip and not for long-term travels. With a price of around €8 – 10/day it also isn’t the really the cheapest option around. 

The usability is quite basic and easy to handle. Turn it on and you are ready to go! I love that fact and I think this is something worth mentioning. There are no complications involved and it delivers what it promises. Overall I see some downsides on the fact that you have to rent it and that the pricing is considerably high. Yet, the MyWebspot is a straightforward pocket WiFi and a good companion to have for shorter trips.

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