How To Make Travel More Flexible? Everything You Need To Know About Renting A Car

Road trips are cool. Freedom and mobility are worth reading the rules and acting on them. Each new booking will add you a new experience in dealing with the distributors and local regulations. In the guide, we have collected everything that a beginner may encounter.

Do you really need to rent a car?

Let’s imagine that you are in Dubai. Do you need to book a car there? Let’s say the area of interest in your case is limited to the city center. You can not waste time on traffic jams, payment and search for parking and relatively quickly and cheaply travel by public transport.

And now imagine that you are going from Dubai to Abu Dhabi or the mountains of Ras al Khaimah, and then back to Dubai. Do you need to rent car Dubai now? Which will be more cost-effective: rent a car or take buses? How many of you are there? And if with children? Are you going to stop on the way?

Calculate in advance the duration of the crossings. Do not be upset and drown for many hours in a row: let it be no more than 4 hours per move, and preferably less. If you have weighed everything and realized that you need to rent a car, then we continue.

What kind of car do I need?

We focus on the number of satellites, the number of things, the operating conditions, and the price of the car.

If you are up to 4 people and there are few things, then almost any car will do. If there are five, you need to rent a Rolls Royce in Dubai with a wide rear. If there are seven of you, you can hire both a cruiser and a minivan. The rental cruiser is more passable, but more things will fit into the minibus. If there are two brave travelers, and there is no risk of getting burned, then you can rent a convertible.

Manual or automatic transmission – it is up to you. The first is often cheaper. But in cities and mountains, it is more pleasant to travel with automatic transmission: it is great happiness not to switch gears hundreds of times on a serpentine.

Where to look for a car and how to choose a company?

In addition to the sites of large distributors, research companies that do not work with aggregators. Requests like “Dubai car rental” can bring happiness and savings.

Global rental companies are designed to provide standard quality all over the world. Usually, they have new cars with a small mileage. Good service and normal upgrades, but there are exceptions.

Sometimes rental companies provide extra services and you can be offered to take buggy tours Dubai together with the car rental.


The full insurance offered by the rental companies is usually unprofitable, it costs about as much as renting a car. The deductible is the maximum amount that the company can charge you for damage or theft. It is usually equal to the deposit. The deductible covers a large but limited amount of damage. Full insurance, respectively, the entire amount.

Self-evident moments

  • Even at the booking stage, look or specify which deposit the rental company will take, and which cards it accepts for payment;
  • Only credit cards are usually accepted for collateral.
  • Some companies may suddenly ask that the deposit and payment be made from the same card. Make sure that the right amount is there in advance;
  • Make sure your name is embossed on the credit card.
  • Study the features of traffic rules in advance. Pay attention to how much you can exceed the speed limit in order not to get a fine, read about the habits of local driving.

How to get a car?

Upon receipt, rental specialists give out a scheme of the car with the damage marked on it. Chips, dents, scratches — everything should be there.

Do not hesitate to read the contract and clarify questionable points:

  • At what hours do I need to hand over the car?
  • For which pollution will the company take a fine?
  • How much gasoline should there be in the tank at the time of delivery?

How to return a rented car

  • In order not to overpay too much, bring gasoline to the desired level. Here it is worth remembering that good offices give a car with a full tank, it needs to be filled with an additional one not far from the delivery.
  • If you know that there are shoals – for example, a new scratch appeared on the car – study the insurance rules and calmly go give up.
  • Take copies of all documents with you: contracts, checks, that is all. The papers signed by the company state that the car was delivered in its proper form, the gasoline is at the right level, and there are no complaints.

These are the main points you may encounter. We hope this will help make your first rental experience unforgettable!

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