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Hiking in Austria: The Austrian Alps & the Salzburger Land

Austria is one of those classic hiking destinations. I you are looking for great hiking paths, breathtaking views and lovely people – you find all that here. One of the nicest hiking areas can be found around the Salzburger Land. It is the name of the state and is also a famous destination for nature- and hiking lovers. The Austrian Alps are a well-known area to enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities. 

We spent a week exploring some parts of this beautiful region and want to encourage you to make hiking in Austria your next adventure.

The Austrian Alps

The Austrian Alps, also known as the Central Alps, is a chain of large mountains that stretch across all of Austria and the adjacent regions of Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy and Slovenia. There are numerous amazing ski-slopes with some of the most famous ones to be found in the Salzburger Land. But the region is also a great destination during summer. Top things to do here are hiking, biking as well as swimming or rafting in one of the many lakes and rivers.

Similar to our trip to the German Alps visiting the beautiful Walchensee, we also enjoyed a nice time hiking in Austria. We spent a week in a beautiful & traditional Austrian house close to the town of Neukirchen am Großvenediger and will present you with some great hikes and things to do in that area.

house austrian alps
Our house in the Austrian Alps

Best Hikes & Attractions

Hiking in Austria: Wildkogel Bergstation

One of our favorites hikes was close to the town of Neukirchen. We took the Wildkogelbahn which is a gondola that takes you up all the way to the top of the mountain (altitude: around 2,200 meters). You can also decide to walk up but this will take you quite a while and you will not be able to experience the great hike down on the same day. Once you reach the top and after enjoying the breathtaking views you can follow a path down which will lead you back to the town. Always head towards the Steineralm which is a nice restaurant where you can enjoy some good food and a nice beer before concluding your walk.

This hike really had some very beautiful paths, great views and a variety of different bridges, trails and rocks to overcome – which made it a perfect hiking trip!

Top of the Widkogel
Kaiserschmarrn (shredded pancake)

Hiking in Austria: Wildalm

Another great hike is the hike up to the Wildalm (translated as the ‘wild alp’ where farmers keep their cows). This trek is located on the opposite side of the Wildkogel mountain and leads you up all the way to a small hut/restaurant – called the Wildalm. 

The hike offers you some very nice spots from which you can have great views across the inhabited valleys and the mountains range behind Neukirchen. The first 70% of the hike are made on paved paths which don’t provide much of a ‘wild’ feeling. Yet the last part of the hike is definitely more wild and leaves you rewarded with some cold beers and some tasty Apfelstrudel or beer once you reach the Alm.

The Wildalm

Attraction: Sigmund-Thun Klamm & Klammsee

A great attraction for young and old is the visit to the Sigmund-Thun Klamm. A Klamm is a gorge or ravine in which a stream has cut itself through a rocky riverbank. This one, which was named after the historic town holder of Salzburg, is a impressive natural attraction of the area. Running 32 meters deep and over 320 meters long, walking along the wooden bridges and trails is an interesting adventure. 

The end of the Klamm leads to a beautiful, turquoise-blue lake which provides some beautiful spots and amazing views. 

blue lake austria
The beautiful Klammsee

Attraction: Zell am See

Probably the most touristic attraction of the Salzburger Land apart from Salzburg is the town of Zell am See. Located along the shore of the Zeller See, this picturesque town provides you with the perfect Austrian urban life meets nature setting.

The town is very beautiful and hosts numerous places to stay as well as restaurant and cafés offering traditional Austrian cuisine. Its a great day trip if you want to stroll along the waterfront or do some shopping.

Zell am See

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