Five Best Viewpoints in Thailand

Thailand has offered us an incredible range of beautiful sceneries and landscapes. We realize that after having visited a certain place we always observe it from another, broader perspective – kind of like summarizing our visit. The best way of doing so is by finding viewpoints. In many of the places that we have seen we were able to discover such points and always ended up going there – no matter how long it might take!Indeed some were very, very tiring to reach, but we never did regret walking up any of them.

In the following we have set up a short list of our top-five viewpoints that we have seen during our trip around Thailand:

5. Wat Phra That Soi Suthep – Chiang Mai

Wat Phra That Soi Suthep

Wat Phra That Soi Suthep night view

The temple of Soi Suthep can easily be reached from Chiang Mai as many red taxis depart from the city and drive up the mountain. It takes a bit to reach the top and, depending on the driver, can be a bit of a crazy ride! Nevertheless the place is fantastic and offers you not only a great view but also some beautiful temples. We arrived in the late afternoon/early evening as it is the best time to see the sunset and also discover the place and view at night. You can have a clear view on Chiang Mai from here.

4. Tiger Cave Temple – Krabi Town

Tiger Cave Temple

Tiger Cave Temple view

The Tiger Cave Temple is located in the outskirts of Krabi Town in an area called Thalat Khao. It can most easily be reached by renting a scooter from town and driving a few kilometers towards the airport. Reaching the top of this viewpoint was probably one of the most tiring climbing walks that we had in Thailand. 1.237 steps – at points very steep steps that you have to overcome to get up there!If you actually do manage without passing out on the way you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of the entire province of Krabi, including Krabi Town and the coastal stretch of Ao Nang.

3. Doi Inthanon National Park – Chiang Mai

Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon National Park

This national park is about an 1.5 hour ride away from the town of Chiang Mai. The park itself is situated around the highest mountain of Thailand – Doi Inthanon – with an altitude of around 2.565 meters.  The landscape is beautiful and is home to various waterfalls, caves and even plantations of flowers, coffee and vegetables. The climate is quite different to Chiang Mai, getting a bit colder and offering a refreshing change to the tropical heat elsewhere.

On the very top there is the Phra Mahathat Naphamethanidon, a collection of Chedis or Stuppas, constructed in honor of the king’s 60th birthday. From here you can enjoy some breathtaking views of the entire park – a very different and indeed beautiful experience!

2. Phi Phi Island – Koh Phi Phi Don

Phi Phi Island viewpoint

The Phi Phi Island viewpoint can be reached by many ways and I believe we somehow managed to take the longest route ever!Follow the signs and take the steps leading directly to the main viewpoint area. There are some smaller and lower viewpoints in between – just keep on going, as the main one is surely worth the effort. Despite it probably being the most crowded place on the island we still managed to get up and take some nice pictures. A simply amazing view from this incredibly stunning place – surely a sight that every Phi Phi visitor should see before leaving!

1. Koh Nangyuan – Koh Tao Island

Koh Nangyuan

Koh Nangyuan view

Probably seen on various pictures of travelers before and many times used as the newest profile pic on Facebook or Instagram (yes, we also had to do a selfie). This place is truly amazing and stunningly shows the beauty of Thailand’s islands!

The island of Koh Nagyuan can be reached by boat from the Koh Tao, either by private boat charter of on a tour. Once there, head left and climb up all the way to the top of the island, rock-climbing you way to the very top (its not that hard). Once you mounted the rocks you will find a fantastic view across the island group. We didn’t expect much but what we eventually experience was simply great.

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9 thoughts on “Five Best Viewpoints in Thailand”

  1. Amazing pictures!! I’ve always always wanted to go but never been able to! Can’t believe the beauty of the islands that even comes through in the pictures.

  2. I love Chiang Mai. It’s been a few years since I’ve last been but the views never fail to amaze me. Thanks for sharing! Great pictures!

  3. Amazing pics, I’d have to say the Doi Inthanon park piques my interest the most. The park look breathtaking, I cant imagine how it must look so many meters up!

  4. These photos are absolutely breathtaking! The night time cityscape…it’s beautiful. I love that you have to hike to get to some of these places; it’s so rewarding in the end!

  5. Now that I have graduated school, I would really like to start traveling. I’ve always considered Thailand because I have always loved and appreciated the kind souls of elephants and I would love to visit some of the elephant sanctuaries that are there, but I never realized just how beautiful some of these views were. Thank you for sharing!

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