Dubai Summer Party: Tips For Сreating Relaxing Beach Spaces

Everyone who has ever been to sunny Dubai knows well how pleasant and atmospheric this city is. The mood of summer, fun, and chic festivities prevails there practically all year round. It is ideal if you find yourself in the UAE capital with your friends or family. Local beaches are the best location to throw a loud party with good music and colorful cocktails. Sometimes all you need to do is buy a few bean bags. But the best thing would be to set up a real party space on the beach. How to do it you are about to know.

1.   Choose the Right Place and Time

The first thing to do is to find the perfect location. It can be as one of the municipal beaches, where you can place the best outdoor furniture. You could also rent private lounging areas with swimming pools. On special pallets, it is easy to place garden chairs and other beach furniture. And do not forget that Dubai is a very hot city. That is why even during the high season from October to April, the time for a beach party is better to appoint in the afternoon when the sun is not so high.

2.   Create an Interesting Theme for the Party

A well-planned event is always the most successful. To make the most harmonious space, you need to think of an exciting idea for the theme of your future party. It will be much easier to choose beach furniture and interesting decor, tableware, and various small things if the concept of the party is determined in advance. Even beach umbrellas can be bought in the same style as the rest of the furniture for the music party. And the guests will be very happy to know that they can pick up clothes and other details of the look following the main theme.

3.   Order Outdoor Furniture in Dubai and Spectacular Decorations

Once the concept is created, the next steps will be immediately clear. You can order all the necessary furniture for the beach on the PARASOL Dubai website. Specialists of the service will help to prepare the best set, which will not only perform the necessary functions but will also be part of the comfort and relaxation of your guests. Tables, chairs, comfortable loungers, and beach sofas will all become an essential part of the space. You will be able to find the right colors of outdoor furniture in different styles. And already as decorations, you can use street lamps and other details.

4.   Don’t Forget to Install a Beach Bar

No party can do without furnishing a beach bar. Today, there are already many services that organize catering to any location in Dubai. There is also a bartending service. By installing bar high chairs and a small counter, a separate cocktail zone will be formed. We recommend you to separate the bar area, a place for dancing and a quiet place for quiet rest. So that visitors with different preferences do not interfere with each other to spend time enjoyably. And for safety reasons, it is better to put the bar away from the water.

5.   Furnish a Lounge Zone for Socializing and Sunbathing

A favorite space for many people. A quiet place to sunbathe, talk to friends, and enjoy all the benefits of a warm Dubai beach. To furnish this zone, simply place comfortable sun loungers, small cocktail tables, and a few large beach umbrellas. To make it more comfortable for everyone, lay special wooden walkways on the sand in the passages.

Using our advice it will not be difficult to arrange a comfortable and modern space for a beach party in Dubai, where you and your friends will spend unforgettable moments of your Arabian vacation.

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