5 Reasons why Myanmar should be your next Travel Destination

Still hidden behind an ambiance of mystery lies of one of Asia’s most astounding and uncharted travel destination – Myanmar. Known to many as Burma, the country is now liberating itself from its turbulent political past and is taking on a new path towards becoming a top tourism destination in Southeast Asia. A country so rich in culture and exceptional sights, so abundant in natural beauty truly deserves to be there. We had the great opportunity to have visited this country and want to present you with 5 good reasons why Myanmar or the “Golden Land” should be your next travel destination:

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1. The Hospitality and Friendliness of the People

The people of Myanmar have left quite a positive impact on us when we traveled around the country. We have experienced the friendliness of other countries within Southeast Asia but people here seem to go above and beyond with their kindness and hospitality. Genuine smiles accompany you wherever you go. People seem to be very happy and interested in knowing about you. Quite shy at first, they will love to interact with you and practice their English. Truly remarkable people, they will always help you out and make sure your time in the country will be unforgettable.

2. The Awe-Inspiring Temples and Pagodas

Being one of the most devout Buddhist countries in the world, Myanmar is a paradise for temple- and pagoda-lovers. From small village shrines to the majestic Shwedagon in Yangon or the Mahamuni Paya in Mandalay, the sheer diversity, spirituality, and beauty of these constructions will leave you speechless. Spend your days biking around the ancient temple ruins of Bagan, enjoying the sunset over the studded plains of this remarkable site.

3. The Breathtaking Natural Landscapes

Myanmar is, geographically speaking, the largest country on mainland Southeast Asia and boasts a huge variety of different landscapes and scenery. From the white, sandy beaches of the Mergui Archipelago in the South, to the tropic monsoon forests and the highlands up North, Myanmar is home to a rich flora and fauna. Enjoy romantic river cruises in the Irrawaddy River or go trekking in the Shan highlands. Have a look at once our posts about the beautiful Inle Lake to get an idea of the country’s stunning landscapes.

4. The very Authentic and Captivating Culture

Strongly influenced by Buddhism and other religions and from its neighboring countries as well as its colonial past, Myanmar has a very distinct culture that captivates its visitors. Still untouched by mass tourism, there still is a high degree of authenticity that cultivates itself in everyday life. This can be found in its food customs, ceremonial rituals, and traditions and is a constant company to experiencing this country in its very own way.

5. Because it’s going to Change!

The country is continuing to open up and as more travelers and investors are pouring in it’s a matter of time until its alluring sights become a diluted attraction for mass tourism. Figures of incoming tourists have increased rapidly in the last years and are expecting to rise further. Rightfully, Myanmar is showing up on the classic Southeast Asia route more often now. Creating chances for its people on one side it may also bear the risk of influencing its authenticity and charm. Yet, Myanmar has an incredible potential and we highly recommend to visit this enchanting country with its friendly people and unique landscapes and clearly set it out to be the next destination on every traveler’s bucket list.


29 thoughts on “5 Reasons why Myanmar should be your next Travel Destination”

  1. Your photos are very descriptive and beautiful. Asia has not been on my bucket list, but my cousin recently visited Thailand, and his stories make me reconsider. Your article does the same. I know I would love to see a beautiful sunset with the silhouette of all the temples — that sounds amazing!

    1. It is! Myanmar is definitely a bit ‘different’ to travel as it gets you more local life and less tourists…still. Hope you will go and travel there one day!

  2. We had a trip planned but had to cancel it, we need to plan a new one. My husband is a photographer and he’s dying to capture the temples. I’m dying to eat the food!

    1. You should go for sure! The temples and Pagodas are amazing, more stunning than any other SEA country we visited. The food is a bit underrated but they also have great dishes – go for the avocado salad!

  3. Myanmar is a country I would LOVE to visit! This architecture looks unrealistic, but many other things used to look incredible to me until I actually came in front of them 🙂

  4. Beautiful pictures! I really do need to add Myanmar to my travel list and visit sooner than later. Thank you for inspiring me to look into it more.

  5. Why not! I love the reasons you provided! I’m glad #1 was about the people. We have to remember that’s where the culture comes from. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Yes. That is all. But seriously you are so right. I loved Myanmar and I’m also super happy I got to go when I did as it is going to change. I just hope that the added tourism won’t change the wonderful nature of the people there. Great list.

    1. Thanks, Matt. I also really do hope things are not going to get for the worse but some parts are already turning that way unfortunately. Its actually changing on a daily basis already…but still worth a visit!

  7. Myanmar is definitely on my “Travel To Do” list. I love the temples and the landscape. And you are totally right, it isn’t going to be a hidden gem forever so I need to get there soon!

  8. Never heard of Myanmar til now. The pictures are breathtaking!

    I truly value when a country preserves its authentic culture. It’s always a new meaningful experience for us travelers. It is also the same for Iceland. Because the country is quite isolated, that results in a lack of external influence such as migration. They are able to preserve their unique culture.

    Very informative read

  9. I went to Myanmar a couple year ago and totally agree with your list. It’s a refreshing break from other, over-touristed stops in SE Asia. I just hope they’ll learn from its neighbors and find a middle path.

  10. The hospitality of the people and the beautiful temples and pagodas are the prime reason Myanmar is on my bucket list. I particularly like the colorful temples and the buddhist philosophy that they preach. The place is full of culture as well as history

  11. It’s so sad to read that a country will change and you need to visit and see its charm before it’s gone. I would love to visit Myanmar and experience the friendliness of the people and see that majestic architecture of the temples.

  12. Myanmar is on my list of must-go, I have a friend who just came back from there and she told me so wel about this country!! It has an amazing landscape and the sunrise and sunset there is just breathtaking! Plus you can see these little monks, they are sooo cute!!

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