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These are the 5 best places you have to visit in Thailand

Experience a bewildering variety of destinations in just one country by taking a trip to Thailand. See everything from sprawling city spaces, ancient historic sites, lush inland forests, stunning tropical islands, to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. No two trips to Thailand need to be the same thanks to the amount of things there are to explore. But to help keep things simple, we’ve put together the five places you have to see on any visit to the country and to consider when researching about Thailand destinations.

Chiang Mai

A contrasting city experience to Bangkok, Chiang Mai offers a slower paced destination. The capital of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is a major city in its own right and is awash with beautiful golden temples and other historical sites stretching back to its foundation in the 13th century. Thanks to its position in the heart of the countryside, it also offers and ideal base for exploring the interior of the country, and as such is a popular haunt for backpackers looking to embrace the “real Thailand”.

Despite this, you will still find a lot of tourists walking the streets here but the atmosphere is far different from the crowded areas down by the islands. Have a look at the best things to do in Chiang Mai for some more inspirations of how beautiful this town is.

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Few cities offer as overwhelming a first impression as Bangkok. While it might not be for everyone, for the intrepid folk who want to truly discover this capital city of eight million people there is a world of things to discover. It’s heady blend of bright lights, bouncing nightlife, Thai culture, and sheer verve make it an exhilarating place to visit that needs to be experienced to be understood. Inevitably, you will pass by the city on your way in and out of the country so make sure to take some time and visit.

If you are planning to stay in Bangkok, don’t make the mistake of thinking you can see it all in a day or two. The city rewards slow exploration, and the range of things to do and see is worth taking time for. Take a trip to the famous Grand Palace, or enjoy a nice bot ride on the river and have a look at the city from a different perspective. Alternatively, you can get shopping in one of the dazzling megamalls, visit the numerous temples and Wats or just wander around a traditional marketplace and try some amazing Thai street food – the possibilities are sheer endless.

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Thailand is a country awash with history, and there are few places where this heritage is more present than in Ayutthaya. A modern city, Ayutthaya is also the site of the seat of the once powerful Ayutthaya Kingdom that flourished in the 1700s. A world heritage site and popular tourist destination, the Ayutthaya Historical Park contains many well-preserved historical buildings and offers a fascinating glimpse into this chapter of Thai history. Take your time to walk around the ancient grounds and soak up the incredible atmosphere of this truly monumental area. The best way, we found, is to explore the ruins by bike.

 Ayutthaya statues

Koh Lanta

Still one of our most favorite island destinations in the country, Koh Lanta will truly make you want to stay longer. Imagine daydreaming on a hammock, lazing by a pristine white beach and sipping on fresh coconut water. Koh Lanta is the definition of a relaxed island vibe and is an amazing place to visit and discover. Cruise around the large island with a scooter and find those secret, hidden beach spots.

We wrote down the 5 best things to do on the island so that you can truly enjoy and experience the beauty of Koh Lanta.

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Railay Beach

A tiny destination, Railay is still worth the journey. Often erroneously referred to as an Island, it is in fact a small peninsula. One of the most scenic spots in the country, you have likely already seen it’s stunning views adorn many Thai holiday brochures. It is an incredibly beautiful spot that can only be reached by boat. It is rimmed by four different beaches and is home to one of the greatest beach and rock-climbing areas in all of Thailand. You can either choose to stay in one of the many hotels and resorts around the area or visit the beach on a day trip from Krabi town.

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