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10 Signs you have been bitten by the Wanderlust Bug

Wanderlust is defined as being the feeling of needing to get on a plane and travel, explore and discover. You daydream about places far away, and you make a point of moving from place to place as much as possible. Travel will leak into your life like water from a broken pipe, and you need it. If you’re wondering if the wanderlust bug has bitten you, let’s explore ten tips to check!

  1. You just can’t stand still in one spot for a longer period of time and always have that urge to keep moving around! Sometimes you even end up searching for the best moving company to see how you can move your stuff to a new place again.
  2. If even in your studies you never wanted to just stay in your university but always had that drive to study abroad and discover something new.
  3. You can leave your luggage behind and simply grab a bag and take the next flight to your destination.
  4. You see the true value of your trips, no matter if they are short or long. What matters are the experiences and stories you can tell after.
  5. You live the moment and suck up all the positive traveling energy when you are on the road. Life seems to pass so fast when you experience the here and now in the fullest!
  6. You have no problems traveling without a fixed plan and go with the flow. Because sometimes the best trips and adventures happen when they aren’t planned.
  7. You check online flight prices on a constant basis – you never know, you might be lucky and find that amazing deal!
  8. You are a curious person and always want to try something new as the same old routine will never satisfy your needs.
  9. You always manage to find a way to communicate with people while traveling, even if they speak a different language. People with the wanderlust gene are fascinated by the foreign world and always find their way around.
  10. You feel excited every time you arrive at an airport, no matter where you are flying to.

These are just a few of the moments when you realize that travelling is what you truly need to be happy. Rocio and I have had moments where we spent a few months on one spot, thinking this would make us feel happy. Yet, we realized that there is always a certain restlessness that keeps us moving, no matter if it’s a short trip over a weekend or week or a longer trip backpacking few a few months. We hope that through the ten signs above and through our inspirational travel stories and pictures we can make you realize that you might have also been ‘infected’ with the travel bug and might be a wanderlust person yourself!

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