10-Day Road Trip to Croatia


Well, that pretty much sums up the main stops we made during our 10-day road trip from Germany to Croatia. Two friends of mine plus my wife and I decided to hit the road all the way down to Croatia. We discovered many different places and it was a very fascinating journey. In the following I would like to give a recommendation on what things you should not miss on the ride!

Cologne to Vienna

Cologne to Vienna (roughly 900 kilometers, approx 9 hours ride) – One day in Vienna

Starting of in Cologne, Germany we headed down all the way to Vienna for the first stop of the trip. Vienna is a very majestic and grand city with a strong history and culture. The city is full of historic castles and buildings and it seems like there is always something new to discover behind every corner that you turn.

vienna austria

Vienna to Zagreb

Vienna to Zagreb (roughly 375 kilometers, approx 4 hour ride) – one day in Zagreb

The next day we continued the ride down to Croatia, shortly passing through Slovenia on the way. Our destination: Zagreb, the largest city and capital of Croatia and second stop of the trip. A very nice city, rich in history and full of life. Highly recommendable is a visit of the Dolac Market where you can find a great variety of Croation cuisine.

Zagreb to Split

Zagreb to Split (roughly 400 kilometers, approx 4 hour ride) – 2 days in Split

Continuing the next day we headed further down south with our next destination set: The city of Split! Finally, we arrive in a place that resembles more like what I expected Croatia to be like – sun, sea and an easy life style. The most beautiful part of the city is the waterfront with its old buildings and harbor. What first strikes is the contrast of white from the walls, buildings and floor and the colors of the flowers and rooftops.

split croatia

Split to Brela

Split to Brela (roughly 50 kilometers, approx 1 hour ride) – 3 days in Brela

Following Split we proceeded to our next destination not far down the road to a nice little town called Brela. Why Brela? – because it is known as the pearl of the Makarska Riviera, one of the most beautiful areas of the Adriatic sea. After a short ride we arrived at a beautiful small hillside town facing a small pebble beach and the turquoise sea. It offers nice restaurants, stunning views from the hills and a great waterfront.

croatia brela views

Brela to Pag

Brela to Pag (roughly 230 kilometers, approx 2,5 hour ride) – 2 days in Pag

Slowly moving our way back we continued our journey up north, following the coastal road up to the island of Pag. We heard of this island being famous for one thing: Party! During the main season in July and August the beaches in Pag turn into wild party locations. On a regular basis the area is quite relaxed with a few nice beach bars and lounge places. Recommendable is to find a hotel in the city of Novalja and take one of the bus shuttles to the party area (Zrce Beach).

Pag to Salzburg

Pag to Salzburg  (roughly 700 kilometers, approx 7 hour ride) – 1 day in Salzburg

On the way home we had our last stop in Salzburg, Austria. The city was a very strong contrast to what we experienced so far in Croatia but nevertheless very nice to see. Its scenic surroundings and baroque architecture are quite impressive and it is definitely worth to spend a day or two and discover the old parts of the town.

In summary it was a great adventure and I loved every destination we stayed at. Despite it just being 10 days we experienced many beautiful things and might have even considered to continue the trip even further down south of Croatia, all the way down to Dubrovnik. This really depends on the time you have and the ambition of discovering more – yet we had great time in those 10 days and I would highly recommend to follow that path as well.

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