We have had the opportunity to have done quite some traveling in our lives and had lots of time to figure out which travel resources provide us with the best value for money. The list of resources and suggested companies you will find below are actual services that we make use of when we are out on the road and that have proven to be useful for us. Some may work out more than others for you but we believe that all of them can be very helpful at some point during your travels.





Booking.com has proven itself to be one of our most-used booking platforms during our travels. From small guesthouses to larger hotel chains – you will find prety much everything here. Although sometimes not necessarily the best choice for specific locations we still consider it to be one of the best global booking platforms out there.



agoda booking apenoniAgoda

It has a huge selection of over half a million hotels worldwide. We found this platform particularly interesting and useful during our trips in Asia. Definitely you cannot get around Agoda here as they simply have the biggest selection of hotels, resorts, hostels and guesthouses.




hostelworld booking apenoniHostelworld

With over 30.000 properties spread across the world, Hostelworld has the largest collection of budget accommodation hostels you can find on the net. A very good platform for group or single travelers as you can find the best rates here for a shared room.





trusted housesitters apenoniTrusted Housesitters

A platform that connects home and pet owners who travel themselves to people who will take care of their homes and pets during that time. A remarkable idea and a great way to find free accommodation in return for taking care of a place and their pets. For a fee of USD 60 / year you can house sit in over 150 countries.


You will have to stay flexible and be responsible for someone’s house and pets but will be rewarded with a free stay and some great local experiences that you won’t find in a hotel or hostel.





airbnb travel apenoniAirbnb

A great platform for staying at local people’s places across the globe. We made use of this for short and long-term rentals and are absolutely satisfied. A nice way to directly get in contact with people and immediately feel part of the place you are staying. We have made great experiences here and can absolutely recommend this platform.







Another great platform to find your holiday home. They offer a huge variety of different apartments across the world. They also have a vast collection of villas and amazing houses in truly magnificent locations.





Probably one of the best platforms for finding cheap flights out there. I believe we have booked most of our flights with skyscanner as they always seem to have the best options available. A great, intuitive website that will make your bookings easy. Activate a price alert to always stay ahead and get the best offers for your flight searches. Find your next great deal here by searching your flights in the widget below:



cheap flights apenoniMomondo

Also a very useful site to find great flight offers. A great backup for skyscanner even though we partially found even better deals here. Flights are categorized as ‘cheapest’, ‘fastest’ and ‘best’ and makes it easy to choose which criteria is most important for you.







cheap flights apenoniSecret Flying

There are occasions when airline pricing systems accidentally produce error fares which can allow you to get incredibly cheap offers. Secret flying is such a platform that reports and offers these deals.



cheap flights asia apenoniCebu Pacific

This is low-cost airline from the Philippines that offers great flight deals across all of Asia and even to Australia. A useful resource to have if you decide to fly between countries in the region. We used this airline for our trips to and from the Philippines as well as to other countries around Southeast Asia.



cheap flights asia apenoniNok Air

An airline that positively surprised us during our travels around Southeast Asia. Nok Air is a budget airline fromThailand and offers various flights across Asia. We found the offers to be great and were very excited to make use of onboard and in-flight wifi during our flights! Another useful resource for your flights in Asia.







Travel Gear and Planning



travel planning apenoniTripIt

Forward all your travel details to this app and it will create a nice itinerary for you. Organize, edit and share your travel itineraries and make the most out of your travel plans. A great travel app, making your life easier on the road.






travel planning apenoniTripMode

The mobile data savior that reduces your mobile data consumption and helps you save all your data while traveling. Great to use if internet connections are bad and you really just want your phone to perform certain tasks without running hundreds of other apps in the background and sucking all that data!







travel planning apenoniGPS MyCity

This IOS app allows you to read your favorite city blog articles and use these to navigate your wy around using GPS. You can discover each town exactly the way it is written in the article – no more need for guides. Have a look at their collection of articles such as our trip to Munich.







travel gear apenoniMAPS.ME

Fast and very detailed offline maps for every country and city you will travel to. Download the map of the place you will go to and use this useful app to navigate through the city without internet connection. Great app that we used a lot of times.