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Things to do in Porto, Portugal

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http://sorteddetailslouisville.com/?x=no-prescription-brand-viagra Beautifully located by the Duoro river, rich in history, culture and nightlife and filled with picturesque streets and houses – this is find cheap viagra Porto! It is the second largest city in planet drugs viagra Portugal after the capital of Lisbon. Its old town and historical core has been proclaimed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Despite an increasing amount of tourists arriving to Porto in the recent years (Ryanair opened flights here!) the city still remains very charming and provides its visitors with a nice mix of old and new. There are many things to do in Porto and we really enjoyed the city a lot. We put together a small list of things to see and do here.

Take a stroll along the Ribeira Square

follow url Also known as the true heart of town, Ribeira Square is a nice place to have some drinks or food and a great view across the river. It also is the most touristic spot but a beautiful square that shows the colors and life of Porto. Head down to the waterfront and relax along the river with a cold sangria. Across you will see the hill of Gaia with its Port Wine cellars and restaurants.

source different colorful building in porto portugal

Walk across the Dom Luís I Bridge

follow site The bridge of Dom Luís I connects the the city of Porto with the Vila Nova de Gaia. From here you can enjoy a fantastic view across the city and the river. It has a pedestrian walkway from which you can take good pictures from the Ribeira area. Also, a great place to be to enjoy the sunset. We walked across it twice to get a picture from both sides of the city.

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=comprare-levitra-generico-pagamento-online view from the bridge to the city of porto portugal

Take a ride with the Teleferico de Gaia

acquistare viagra generico 100 mg a Torino Once you walk across to the other side of the river and toured the area you can reach the top of the bridge with a cable car. It’s the lazy way up to the bridge and will cost you around 5 Euros but it’s a nice ride and will also give you some nice views across the river and town. The upper station is close to the Jardim do Morro station from which you can decide to get back to Porto town or discover more of the other side.

cambodia canada levitra view from cable car of the douro river and porto city

Visit Livraria Lello

watch The Livraria Lello is a famous bookshop located in the center of Porto. It is one of the oldest bookshops in Portugal and is constantly rated amongst the top bookstores in the world. It has a very beautiful, Art Nouveau and Gothic architecture and served as an inspiration to Harry Potter’s library in Hogwarts. Actually, J.K. Rowling lived in Porto and taught English back in the early 1990s.

famous bookstore in porto from harry potter

Climb up Torre dos Clérigos

Another thing to do in Porto is to climb up the Torre dos Clérigos. The Clérigos Tower is a very iconic construction of Porto and also provides a nice view of the city. It’s a 76-meter high baroque bell tower, so be prepared to walk up a lot of staircases. It is located at one of the highest points in town and allows you to have a look at the beautiful buildings and rooftops of Porto from the top.

view across the red rooftops of porto

Try some sweet Port Wine

One of the most well-known products of Porto is its wine (yes, that’s where the name Port wine comes from). It is the most common of things to do in Porto. The wine is exclusively produced along the Douro valley and you will find numerous places to enjoy it. There are many cellars along the Vila Nova de Gaia which offer wine tastings where you can try the various types of wines and buy them as well.

boats resting in the douro river in porto portugal

Walk through the small side streets

Porto is full of small side streets. The buildings and colors of this city are amazing and you should really take some time to walk around these streets. Discover the colorful doors, small balconies, hidden art and cute eateries and cafes.

Colors of Porto. Discovering the city’s picturesque streets

Ein von Rocio & Julian-Travel Writers (@apenoni_traveller) gepostetes Foto am

street art in porto portugal

Check out the nightlife

Porto does have a fun and very active nightlife. You can enjoy your evening at the http://ctpremierit.com/?x=walmart-drug-prices-viagra Piolho café in Praça Parada Leitão, which is close to the University. It is a traditional meeting point for students where you can enjoy some cheap local beer and wine. It gets very crowded but has a nice atmosphere. Another place to go is the Largo de Mompilher to enjoy some drinks. In general, nightlife in downtown Porto is mostly enjoyed on the streets and in smaller bars and cafés.

view of porto by night along the river

Download your GPS-guided version of this article here and be able to explore all the mentioned spots right on your phone while walking through the streets of Porto!




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