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Thai Curry – Masamam and Red Curry

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From our current trip to Phuket, Thailand we had our first encounter with the famous Thai Curry!

First dish was a Thai Masamam Curry with chicken meat. This curry is rather mild as the heat of the chillies is reduced by adding lots of coconut milk, onions, potatoes and peanuts. Served with a nice pile of steamed jasmin rice it was absolutely delicious!The Masamam curry is a quite common curry in the South of Thailand and is similar to an Indian curry. Difference is that the Thai curries are a bit more soup-like as compared to the Indian version.

Here is what our first taste of Thai curry looked like:


Rocio enjoyed a nice classic Thai Red Curry, also served with chicken meat and jasmin rice. The red curry is made by using a paste of dried Thai chillies.



More on Thai curry and other Thai food to be seen on upcoming posts!


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