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The Magic of Koh Lanta – 5 Best Things to Discover

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http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-vardenafil-online-garanzia A bit hidden in the shadows of the more famous islands of Koh Phi Phi and Phuket lies the island of how to get viagra Koh Lanta, our next destination in discovering the southern Andaman Islands. It is made up of the two islands of Lanta Yai and Lanta Noi, with Lanta Yai being the more popular and common place to go. The island is becoming more and more visible on the tourist map yet it is still possible to find secluded and laid-back areas – which was also a reason for us to continue our journey here. We enjoyed our stay here a lot, despite there being loads of other great islands throughout Thailand. In case you want to learn more, check our post on which island in Thailand is the best for you?

http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=acquistare-viagra-generico-200-mg-a-Milano In general, Kohl Lanta offers lots of beach life but there are four main beaches – http://whenwaterwaseverywhere.com/?x=order-viagra-us Khlong Dao, Phra Ae, Khlong Khong and Khlong Nin – that present a variety of hotels, resorts and restaurants/bars. We found that the northern part is a bit more busy, whereas the southern beaches seem to be a better fit for those looking for a more secluded getaway.

Getting to Koh Lanta

lasix ivp used for Koh Lanta can either be reached by ferry or by car/bus/van. Ferries depart from Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, Krabi Town or Ao Nang / Railay. Alternatively, there are also buses, private vans or taxis that go from Krabi Town or Krabi airport.

clomid drug dosage calculator We bought a ticket coming from Koh Phi Phi for around 300 baht. Tickets can be bought all around the island. All ferries arrive at the follow Saladan Pier up north. From there you can find many taxis that can take you everywhere around the island.

5 Best Things to do on Koh Lanta

In the following we would like to present our personal top things to do on the island:

  • Rent a Motorcycle

The best way to discover and experience the island is to rent a motorcycle and take a ride from north to south. The roads are good and directions are relatively simple as there is just one main road going up and down and around the island. It is the cheaper option and you can organize the when and where according to your own wishes.

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  • Enjoy the relaxed atmosphere at Khlong Kong Beach

http://thefoolishobsession.com/tag/hanson/ Khlong Kong beach is said to be one of the most relaxed and chilled-out parts of the island – and it is!Restaurants, bars and hotels stretch across the entire beach. Nightlife is a bit more laid-back here and you can find a lot of nice places to enjoy some good food and a drink in a very relaxed atmosphere. The beach as such is probably not the best beach for swimming as there are many rocks in the water but definitely is a good place to spend some nice evenings and chill or eat out during day time. Along this beach you will also find a nice restaurant from our first celebrity http://cinziamazzamakeup.com/?x=vardenafil-originale-online-italia-consegna-24-ore Sila Ley.

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  • Do the 4 Islands Tour

A great tour to discover the neighboring islands with lots of nice beaches, snorkeling spots and a cave. The tour can either be booked with smaller long tail boats or larger tour boats. It is a full-day tour and a bit tiring but definitely worth the trip. We especially enjoyed the cave on levitra generico Palermo Koh Mook – you swim into a very dark cave and end up in a very secluded beach, a great experience! Unfortunately, we could not take the camera along, but you will see for yourself. Also, we enjoyed staying at the beach of acquistare vardenafil senza ricetta Milano Koh Kradan – probably the most beautiful beach we have seen in Thailand so far!

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  • Experience Koh Lanta Sunsets

Simply stunning as the sun sets directly in front of the beaches and offer a spectacular view. Have a drink, sit down, lay back and enjoy!

koh lanta thailand 09

koh lanta thailand 10

koh lanta thailand 11

koh lanta thailand 12

  • Nui Beach

A small, secluded beach along the southern part of the island. A perfect little gem in a beautiful setting with fine sand and a nice view. We arrived close to sunset and it was completely empty. Beware of monkies that like to hang out at the entrance of the beach – take care of your bags and do not show them plastic bags as they (sometimes aggressively) try to take these away from you. Keep calm and just go down to the beach.

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