The Story Behind Apenoni

Apenoni is a travel, food and adventure blog composed by Rocio and Julian, from Mexico and Germany – two travel aficionados and food lovers that want to inspire readers like you to discover more of what great things are out there!

So... whats up with the name?

This name of the blog derives from a word that Julian used during his childhood years. While living in India in his very early childhood Julian had a strong passion for animals and always loved to see them in the zoo. His all-time favorite were the elephants, especially the small ones. As his vocabulary at age of 2 was rather limited he came up with the term apenoni for elephants – no clue why so but ever since an elephant was an apenoni for him. I guess it reminds him of the good times he had living in exotic countries abroad during those times. The term apenoni thus has a profound meaning to him and to what he writes in this blog and somehow symbolizes his desire to discover the world!


"We want to encourage you to realize your traveling dreams and motivate you on how you can do so by sharing our experiences with you through the stories we write and the pictures we take."

And whats the blog all about?

Obviously, our travel blog is all about the travels we have done. But after traveling our second greatest passion is food! We love to eat and try to discover the culinary side of all the places that we visit. Whenever we have the chance we will document all those great tastes out there and share these with you. Hence, we created a section on this blog dedicated to our food experiences from the road and its called Travelicious!

Also, we want to recommend the hotels, hostels, resorts or guesthouses that we have enjoyed staying in and those that seem to be the best fit for the location. Additionally, we like to review restaurants and all other relevant places that we have visited during our trips. Hence we also created an Accommodation Reviews section to showcase all of them together. As the name says, we mostly focus on accommodations.

Additionally, we love to take pictures and dedicated a section of our website to Travel Photography. These are a small selection of our favorite photos taken during our trips. 

Apart from writing posts about certain places and our stories there we also provide our readers with Travel Guides & Tips that should help travlers with things such as best places to visit or guides to specific places. 

So how is behind the brand of Apenoni?


Mexican, smart traveler, marketing curator and remote worker. Yes! All in one. I was born in Mexico City and around 7 years ago I moved to Germany, which it was one of the greatest decisions I have made, because it helped me to discover how much I love traveling, meeting new people and getting to know other cultures. Here you will find a bit of myself, my passions, how do I manage to work and travel and of course all my impressions and thoughts about the places I go. Follow my journey and let´s travel together.

 - Mexicana, Smart Traveler, Marketing curator y remote worker. ¡Si! Todo en uno! Nací en la ciudad de México y hace casi 7 años decidí mudarme a Alemania, una de las mejores decisiones que he hecho en mi vida porque me ayudó a descubrir lo mucho que amo viajar, conocer nuevas personas y descubrir nuevas culturas. En mis posts encontrarás un poco sobre mí, sobre mis pasiones y como vivo trabajando y viajando al mismo tiempo. Y por supuesto mis impresiones sobre cada lugar que visito. ¡Sígueme y viajemos juntos! - 


I have a strong passion for traveling and exploring new cultures and countries. This continuous strive inspired me to start this blog and share all these beautiful experiences. The trips we make can be a bit of everything, yet our goal is to experience each destination in the most authentic and local way possible. I was born in Madras (now known as Chennai), India, moved on to living in Myanmar and the Philippines and eventually came back to Germany to finish my school and studies. I'm currently living in Berlin, Germany and will probably be leaving and moving around sooner or later 🙂

As a living we started our own online agency where we provide onlines businesses with SEO, PR & Web Design consultation. This helps us to create a remote working life that enables us to travel around. You can have a look at what we do by clicking our logo below.

And where have you been?

Countries we have visited so far are: USA, Mexico, UK, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Portugal, Morocco, Tunesia, France, Italy, Austria, Myanmar, Philippines, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand & Sri Lanka - for now 😉

So please enjoy the website and feel free to get back to us for any further questions or remarks. Also, make sure to follow us on our social media channels for the latest news and stories!

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